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        Latest Information

        Latest news or the MOST important information!

        About Us

        We are specialized in development, manufacturing, and deployment of intelligent transportation systems. We are a proud council-member of the China Weighing Instrument Association (CWIA), and we have won many government rewards.

        Our main products are as follows:Portable Instrument for weigh pad, Wired Portable Weigh Pad, In-field Portable Weigh Pad, Wireless Portable WIM System, Bending Plate Scale!

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        Fields of application

        • Portable weighing
        • On-site weighing
        • ......

        Engineering Projects

        Contact Us

        Tel: (+86) 769 - 88236550
        Fax: (+86) 769 - 88823646
        Post Code: 523136
        Address: Dasheng Industrial District, Mayong Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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